LUBS Expansion: Clarendon Building update

The Leeds Innovation Centre (LIC) is now the Clarendon Building.

The Sewell Group Construction has been working on the £2.7m upgrade to facilities that will further advance the provision of education facilities for students within Leeds University Business School.

So far, they’ve had 105 people inducted to the site and 400 metres of refrigeration pipework has been installed. New wall locations have been constructed across all floors forming the new room layouts. Mechanical and electrical works have progressed across all disciplines.
Structural door widening works have continued to all floors.

The Ground floor, which will be a computer cluster will be ready for use as the autumn term begins.

Over the next few weeks, Mechanical and electrical works will continue, floor finishes will commence and the external facade louvre installation will be completed.

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Technology and Research Facility

Work is underway to seek full planning consent for the construction of buildings for Centre for Infrastructure Materials (CIM), Institute for High-Speed Rail and System Integration (IHSRSI)  on site at the Technology and Research Facility with work anticipated to commence on site this winter.

The University of Leeds’ Institute for High Speed Rail and System Integration will revolutionise the way new railway systems are invented, developed and brought into service. It will be located next to the Leeds City Region Enterprise Zone and forms the early phase of an ambitious plan involving local authorities and businesses to position the City Region as a UK centre for rail engineering which will generate jobs and inward investment.

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August Bank Holiday Shutdown

Every university shut down period we ask you to switch off all unnecessary lights and equipment and ensure all windows are closed to help us meet our carbon reduction targets and reduce costs to the university.

On May Bank holiday 2019, because we all switched off unnecessary equipment, the university reduced electricity consumption by 6,028 kWh compared to the previous year. That reduction alone is enough energy to power the Physics Research Deck for a whole day!

We don’t just rely on everyone switching off on holiday closed days, we actively carry out projects throughout the year on campus working on draft proofing buildings, LED lighting and investing in the replacement of more energy efficient drying cabinets and freezers in labs. You can also help by contacting us if you identify areas where you think we can save energy!

So please remember before you leave for the 4 day bank holiday weekend:

  • Switch off lights and close all windows
  • Ensure that as much lab equipment as possible is turned off before you leave – drying cabinets and incubators etc.
  • Check IT equipment including screens and projectors

We understand that some equipment is required to maintain safety or is being used for research purposes and therefore needs to remain on. However, any equipment that is not affected by this, and can be turned off, will help us meet our carbon reduction targets and reduce costs to the University.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Robots arrive on campus for our construction projects

If it ain’t Brokk, we can’t fix it (because it is a demolition robot).

Innovative methods to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of construction projects on campus have recently been introduced with success.

A £5m investment to refurbish the Language Centre is currently underway, and as part of the delivery of this, we have been liaising with contractor Overbury to introduce automated technology; Brokk the demolition robot, and Baby Brokk a smaller version, to speed up the delivery of the project.

Brokk the Robot, was appointed to carry out demolition work within the building. There were a number of walls which required demolishing and a series of structural openings at Level 2 to create more daylight for the Language Centre. At one stage a smaller version, Baby Brokk was introduced to carry out additional work.

Brokk the Robot who is part of the demolition works on the Language Centre project

Robert Gale, Estates Project Manager said: “Using Brokk has brought some sizeable benefits to the refurbishment of the Language Centre project.  It has speeded up the demolition work as part of the refurbishment and the robotic technology has improved efficiency on repeatable tasks. Our contractor Overbury have successfully adopted this technology on other projects and proposed to incorporate it for this project.”

Josh Donnelly, Senior Project Manager at Overbury commented: “During the planning stage of the project, the use of Brokk on the project became an obvious decision. Using Brokk is beneficial from a health and safety perspective as it reduces manual labour and exposure to HAVs (hand-arm vibration syndrome) for our operatives. That alone made its use worthwhile.

“Secondly the walls here in the Parkinson Building, where the Language Centre is located, are over half a metre thick and constructed in robust brickwork. We think Brokk completed the demolition works around four times quicker than manual labour would have. As all noisy works were undertaken out of hours in the building, there was also a major time and cost benefit associated with using Brokk which we could bring to the University. It has been a real success of the project so far.”

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Demolition and Construction work to 28 University Road: 28 August – 8 November 2019

Date of disruption: from Wednesday 28 August to Friday 8 November 2019 

Work is being undertaken to dismantle the ground floor extension forming part of 28 University Road. This is an enabling package that will enable future landscape and access works along University Road and St George’s Field to be undertaken.

Effects of these works: There will be restricted access to the building and no access to the parking area in front of 28 University Road.

For staff and students this will mean: 

  • General building activities and noise.
  • Restricted access to 28 University Road.
  • Contractor deliveries and waste removal along University Road.

For enquiries please contact: Mark Lines

If the above member of staff is unavailable or you have any general queries about our services, please contact the Estate Services Helpdesk on 0113 345555 or email:

Thank you for your cooperation, we apologise for any inconvenience caused during these works.