Disruption Notices

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Construction of the Sir William Henry Bragg Building

Date of disruption: from Monday 5 March until summer 2020 Work begins to prepare for the construction of the Sir William Henry Bragg Building. Effects of these works: On 5 March the construction company BAM will erect new hoardings along Woodhouse Lane. This will result in disrupted walking routes and some potential traffic delays along Woodhouse Lane. Full […]

EC Stoner and Cavendish 9 Disruptions

Date of disruption: from Monday 12 February 2018 for a 6 week period Engie, the contractor employed by the University and Leeds NHS Trust to fit out the Generating Station Complex (GSC), will be digging a trench from EC Stoner (0071) to the A4 Substation across the front of the external main entrance steps to Cavendish 9. […]

Closure of Cycle and Walking Path – Inner Ring Road (Adjacent to Nexus)

Date of disruption: from Monday 12 February 2018 to September 2018 The cycle and walking pathway which runs from Willow Terrace to Woodhouse Lane, adjacent to the Nexus construction site, will be closed from Monday 12 February until September 2018. This is to allow for landscaping work to take place around the Nexus construction site. This work will […]

Emergency Notice – Disruptions to The Edge, The Light and Worsley Building

Date of disruption: from Tuesday 30 January 2018 The Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) system has failed due to a leak on the system. Engie are working to repair the leak, but have been unable to give a definitive time for reinstatement of the LTHW. Services to be interrupted: The loss of the LTHW affects all services at […]

Engineering and Facilities Buildings Access Disruptions

Date of disruption: from Monday 15 January 2018 for a 4 week period Engie, the contractor employed by the University and NHS Trust to fit out the Generating Station Complex, have informed us that they will be digging a trench from Medical and Process Engineering along the back of Civil Engineering to the substation in […]

Yorkshire Water Essential Maintenance – FD Building

Date of disruption: Wednesday 20th December 2017 (09.00 to 16.00) Yorkshire Water have informed us that there will be some maintenance works undertaken by Morrison Utility Services on the public highway close to the FD building. They have requested that vehicles are not parked in the vicinity of Cloberry Street at the junction of 13 […]

Roger Stevens Building Power Outage

Date of disruption: Saturday 16 December 2017 (07.30 to 16.00) Following the refurbishment of Level 5 & 6 of the Roger Stevens Building, we require to carry out a test of the electrical services. The work will take around 9 hours in which there will be no power to the building.   Services to be […]

Clothworkers South: Noise Disruption

  Refurbishment works are continuing within the Clothworkers South building as part of the 3D Weaving Innovation Centre project. The works have been extended beyond the original completion dates due to additional asbestos removal works having to be carried out in the buildings below ground duct zones. The duct zones required clearance to allow for […]