LUU Rear Entrance Improvement Works: 30 July – 30 August

Date of disruption: Monday 30 July – Thursday 30 August

We are notifying you of the potential disruption to the rear entrance of the University Union building whilst we alter the entrance steps and redecorate the concrete rear elevation. Access to the rear entrance of the University Union building via the stone steps will be restricted but will will remain open.

Effects of these works on building occupants:
Access along the pedestrian pathway behind the University Union Building that leads to the disabled lift opposite the Pyramid and the PCI Theatre building will be restricted.

For enquiries please contact:
Edward Batty                                                                                                                                                                          0113 343 6820

If the above member of staff is unavailable or you have any general queries about our services, please contact the Estate Services Helpdesk on 0113 345555 or email:

Learn more about the LUU Public Realm Improvement Works: 30 July – 7 September.

Thank you for your cooperation and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.