LUBS Expansion

  • Work begins:
    • Phase 1 – Complete (Charles Thackrah Building)
    • Phase 2 – Feb 2018 (Central Teaching Space Building on Mount Preston Street)
    • Phase 3 – Oct 2018 (Central Teaching Space on Cloberry Street)
  • Work due to be completed:
    • Phase 2 – Sep 2018 (Central Teaching Space on Mount Preston Street)
    • Phase 3 – Aug 2020 (Central Teaching Space on Cloberry Street)
  • Cost: Multi-million pounds
  • Contractors: TBC

Brief: The new Leeds University Business School buildings will provide technology-rich, flexible teaching spaces, lecture theatres and trading rooms, further advancing the delivery of world-class teaching solutions.

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A multi-million investment is being made to further improve Leeds University Business School. Phase one of the scheme, the refurbishment of teaching areas in Charles Thackrah building, with the addition of a new café, has been successfully completed.

Phase 2 of the scheme commenced early this year and includes the construction of a new building on Mount Preston Street, adjacent to Bright Beginning Nursery, which will provide additional central teaching space, specifically four flat-floor teaching rooms with a capacity for 100 people and four teaching rooms each providing capacity for 36 people. This building is expected to complete in time for the start of the new academic year this October.

By the summer of 2020 the final phase will be complete, following the construction of a new multi-storey teaching facility on Cloberry Street, shared by LUBS, the School of Law and the School of Languages and Central Teaching Space.  Prominent features of the building including a new Trading Room, flexible teaching areas and Behavioural Laboratories will provide more flexible and innovative ways of teaching.

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For further information on the expansion of LUBS please contact:

Project Manager: Adrian Smith. E.

Service/Faculty Facilities Manager: TBC

Site Manager: TBC


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